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Customer satisfaction is always the most important us. We aim to fulfill all their requirements and specifications regarding their travelling. Every passing year we bring more and more improvements in our service depending on what the customers advise us. Stallions Limo has a head office at where you can visit and ask for details regarding our services. There are also different contact numbers to call on along with an email ID that is managed 24.7.
We look forward to receiving comments from our clients because that tells us where we stand and which areas we need to bring improvements and/or changes in. This is what differentiates us from other limo companies because we take into consideration all that our clients have to say.
It is extremely important that whenever you hire a limo or take any of our services, like the Boston limo service, then you give you reviews at our website or in email. Not just commenting, but generally too all our contact details are present on the website so that you can get answers to all your queries.
Stallions Limo has always been careful in making sure that clients always feel comfortable during their journey and fully enjoy their time. In any case their expectations aren’t met, then in that situation they are always welcomed to give their comments to us. We will take immediate action on that and assure the client a perfect service the next time they travel with us.
We therefore encourage all our clients to give their comments and reviews to help us reach higher levels of service quality.

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  • 16 March Ave, West Roxbury,MA 02132 US
  • +1 617-849-4940

Western New York Office

  • 302 Sumter Street Apartment 2 Brooklyn New York
  • +1857-203-0913